Australia’s coal economy represents 4.2 per cent of Gross Domestic Product or almost $60 billion. This is about the same size as iron ore and agriculture (at the farm gate). The coal investment pipeline consists of 93 projects worth approximately $118 billion.

Australia’s coal industry makes a significant contribution to Federal and State governments every year in the form of taxes, royalties and charges, including company tax, payroll tax, fringe benefits tax, land taxes and charges for transport and port services.

Over the next four years, Australia’s coal industry will pay $18.3 billion to state governments. This will build hospitals, schools and roads. On top of those payments to state governments, the coal industry will contribute more than $10 billion in tax to the Federal Government. These taxes and royalties are at risk from attempts by powerful groups to shut the coal industry down. If you are concerned about this loss of government income, please support the Australian coal industry.


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